Viking Jewelry Trends Summer 2023

To stay up to date with the latest Viking jewelry trends for summer 2023, Faithheart recommends following fashion and jewelry publications, browsing online jewelry stores, and keeping an eye on social media platforms where fashion influencers and enthusiasts share their style inspirations. These sources will provide you with insights into emerging Viking jewelry designs, popular materials, and styling trends for the upcoming season.


Minimalist Jewelry Designs:

Minimalism continues to be a popular trend in jewelry across various styles, and Viking jewelry is no exception. Clean lines, understated symbols, and simple yet elegant pieces are likely to remain in demand.

Minimalist Viking Runes Earrings
Viking Thor's Hammer Necklace
Minimalist Viking Runes Earrings Viking Thor's Hammer Necklace


Jewelry With Symbolic Motifs:

Viking jewelry often features symbolic motifs inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture. Symbols such as Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer), Valknut, runes, and knots are timeless and can add a touch of mystique to your style.


Mixing Metals Jewelry:

Combining different metals in Viking jewelry creates a visually appealing contrast. Mixing silver, bronze, or copper with other materials like leather or wood can give a modern and unique twist to traditional designs.


Viking Nature-inspired Elements:

Viking culture is deeply connected to nature, and jewelry inspired by natural elements such as animals, trees, or natural landscapes can bring a sense of organic beauty to Viking designs.


Unique Gemstones:

While traditional Viking jewelry is often metal-focused, incorporating gemstones can add a splash of color and individuality. Look for pieces featuring gemstones like amber, garnet, onyx, or labradorite, which were favored by the Vikings. 

Faithheart black oynx jewelry


Statement Viking Rings:

Bold and intricate rings have been a prominent trend in men's jewelry in recent years. Viking-inspired rings with elaborate designs, knotwork patterns, or distinctive symbols can be eye-catching and make a strong style statement.

Faithheart Viking statement rings



Faithheart Viking Jewelry SummerHowever, it's worth noting that Viking-inspired jewelry often maintains a timeless appeal, with designs rooted in Norse mythology and Viking aesthetics. Pieces such as Mjolnir pendants, Valknut motifs, and intricate knotwork are likely to continue to be popular choices.

Additionally, incorporating natural materials like sterling silver, bronze, and leather can enhance the rugged and authentic feel of Viking jewelry.

Remember, these are general trends observed in Viking jewelry, and personal style should always be the guiding factor in selecting jewelry that resonates with you. Exploring reputable jewelry designers, online stores, and Viking-themed boutiques can help you discover unique and contemporary interpretations of Viking jewelry while staying true to its cultural and historical roots.