FaithHeart Vintage Star of David Necklace with Eye of God for Men

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Vintage Star of David Necklace with Eye of God for Men, This star of David and cross necklace features an intertwined Star of David with a cross in the center. Star of David, known also as The Seal of Solomon. The symbol referred to Solomon, an important figure in all monotheistic religions. It stood for piety and faith, and the loyalty of a believer towards God. As it was believed that Solomon could contain the evil spirits and demons with his signet ring, the hexagram became a common talisman and amulet in occultist and mysticist spheres and even among popular belief.



  • SPU: CPP16172GK
  • Pendant Length: 5.6 cm (2.22 inches)
  • Pendant Width: 3.9 cm (1.53 inches)
  • Chain Length: 55+5 cm(22+2 inches)/Resizable which makes sure it will fit perfectly on anyone. 
  • Materials: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver, Gold

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