Signet Ring

Silver 1
Steel 21
18K Gold 15
Plated Black 15
Stainless Steel 22
925 Sterling Silver 1
Cross 6
Celtic Knot 2
Runes 3
St Michael 3
Eye of Horus 3
Satan 3
Thor's Hammer 1
Nordic Compass 2
Satan Cross 1
Knights Templar 1
St Christopher 1
Tree of Life 1
Anubis 1
Playing Cards 1
Star 1
Ring 23

Viking signet ring was a type of ring that was worn by members of the Viking culture. They were also used as symbols of wealth and status, and were often given as gifts to mark special occasions or as tokens of friendship or alliance. Some Viking signet rings were also believed to have spiritual or magical significance, and were thought to offer protection or bring good luck to the wearer. These rings were often engraved with a unique design or symbol. Shop mens signet ring now!

23 products
23 products