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St Benedict Jewelry

St Benedict agrees with his words and deeds, and he is respected. According to legend, he showed many miracles when he was alive, such as prophesying the future and expelling demons. He is also the founder of the three major masses of Catholic Holy Mass, Chanting Mass, and Thanksgiving Mass, so Catholics also call him the "Mass Saint". There is also the holy card of Saint Benedict’s exorcism on the rose rosary. Believers believe that the strict Saint Benedict can suppress demons and is the patron saint who will not be disturbed by demons when he prays.

FaithHeart offers St Benedict Necklace Jewelry in stainless steel, 18k gold filled, black filled with a better technology on the surface, entirely hypoallergenic and comfort fit. There is a wonderful depiction of St Benedict as well. All Jewelry is packed in an exquisite gift box.

10 products
10 products