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Bible Verse Jewelry

The principle of the bible verse text is not equal, but "righteousness, fraternity, equality, and reason." The Bible only allows worship of God and the Lord Jesus, idolatry, angels, and personal worship. The doctrine of Christianity will transform the dependence of man on man into that of man on God. All people are equal before God. Even if they were born as slaves, they were free in spirit, only their bodies were restricted, and they were equal in spirit, just like their masters. Because Christianity recognizes the equality of people before God, slaves and other humble people have achieved equality and dignity in spirit and personality, and in their relationship with God, as the cause of their misfortune and suffering in worldly life. compensate.

The message from the Bible conveys hope and positive energy for the mind and soul. Whenever and wherever you feel frustrated or lose power, when you wear Bible Verse jewelry, it will give you the motivation to move on. This is a great gift for yourself!

13 products
13 products
FaithHeart PHILIPPIANS 4:13 Cross Dog Tag Necklace
FaithHeart PHILIPPIANS 4:13 Bible Verse Necklace Pendant
FaithHeart Christian JOSHUA 1:9 Bible Verse Pendant Necklace
FaithHeart JOSHUA 1:9 Dog Tag Necklace Bible Verse Pendant
FaithHeart LUKE 1:37 Dog Tag Necklace Bible Verse Pendant
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